We have a small but growing team dedicated to doing the best job possible for our clients.  Here are short bios of the team.


Marci Flanery – owner

Marci Flanery is a CPA specializing in the taxation of individuals and their related small business entities. Marci’s tax practice is centrally located close to the Madison Park, Capitol Hill, Westlake, Denny, and SLU neighborhoods of Seattle.  In the off-season Marci splits her time between Seattle and Lopez Island.

Marci became a CPA in 1984 and worked in the Kansas City and Seattle Offices of Arthur Andersen & Co.  After teaching accounting for 8 years at the University of Kansas, Marci moved to Nashville, TN to earn her PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Vanderbilt University. After graduate school, Marci completed her post-doctoral work in the Neuroimaging of Memory and Cognition at Johns Hopkins University before moving to California and returning to the practice of public accounting.

Before starting her own tax practice, Marci worked as a principal in a large San Francisco CPA firm, specializing in the taxation of registered domestic partners (RDPs) and investment-related pass-through entities. During this time, Marci was responsible for tax planning and tax return preparation for hundreds of California RDP and Same-Sex Married couples. Marci has written a Guide to RDP Taxation and teaches for both the Washington and California State Society of CPAs on this and other topics.

Marci is a licensed CPA in Washington and Missouri with 30 years of experience as a tax consultant specializing in individual and small business tax preparation and planning. Marci is currently accepting new clients to her Seattle practice.

Rob Thesman – web lackey

Keeping watch over the web and IT stuff of Flanery CPA is what Rob is tasked with these days.  He claims to have his own financial consulting practice, but we’ve seen no evidence of it. Born and raised in the Seattle area, Rob was pushed out of the University of Washington with a degree in Business Administration after his guidance counselor overhead him complaining that his junior year was the hardest three years of his life. He attended graduate school at Golden Gate University until he discovered they did not field a golf team.

Rob entered the practice of public accounting in 1980.  He worked for many years in the San Francisco area, where he was a senior partner and the CFO of a large national public accounting firm.  His primary practice area is in real estate taxation, affordable housing and historic credits, and real estate finance.  He withdrew from full-time practice after 2012 and remained as the firm’s CFO through the end of 2014.  He was for many years the co-author of the annual editions of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Handbook and the Historic Rehabilitation Handbook, as well as the technical editor of the Journal of Tax Credits. Rob has been a frequent speaker on real estate taxation, historic tax credits, and affordable housing issues in a shocking number of venues ranging from the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Washington to the AICPA to the National Council of State Housing Agencies and many other organizations.

Olive Thesman – branch manager

Since joining the firm in 2012, Olive’s duties have grown so that they now include office security, staff guidance, ensuring shoes are properly stored, and providing a safe, rabbit-free office policy.

Eventually, she’d like to own a red Mustang convertible so that she could drive to Dick’s Drive-In on her own.  She’s promoting the idea of making every Monday a “Margarita Monday” at the Flanery offices.  She hates nectarines.

In 2023, Olive decided to take an extended sabbatical and although we think about her every day, we know she’s enjoying chasing rabbits and Margarita Mondays.

Annie Thesman – customer experience supervisor

Annie joined the firm in 2013 and has taken over the duties of customer experience supervisor.  She hates nectarines and vacuums, is thinking of starting Zumba classes, is an extreme couponer, and watches Oxygen channel with the volume up all the way. Her ultimate goal in life is to become a lifestyle blogger and social media influencer. Although she doesn’t have her own blog yet, you can check out her instagram account at @anniethegoldengrl .

Bartok Roberts – security

To be honest, we haven’t seen Bart for a while.  He said he was going out for some Chipotle and cigars, but he never came back.  At first we thought he’d gone on some kind of spiritual journey to become one with himself, but lately we’ve gotten a few cryptic postcards from the 8th arrondissement in Paris, and now we’re not sure. To be totally honest, we’re not even sure what he did when he was on the payroll anyway.

Jack Thesman – intern

Jack just joined the firm at the end of 2023. He’s growing quickly as part of the team and we’re looking forward to when he is able to move out of an intern role. Annie is taking primary responsibility for his training and it’s going very well. He loves being part of the team, especially at meal times. He likes anything that has a squeaker in it and is very fond of getting covered in mud. He’s a bit leery of jets going overhead, shadows, and owls. He’s not sure why people look at computer screens, it’s as if they can’t figure out that stuff isn’t real. He’s got his own instagram account so that he doesn’t have to share with Annie: @jack_thesman

Our address:

PO Box 548, Lopez Island, WA 98261

Our phones:

mobile: 360-298-5755